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FLOOD® PRO Wood Stripper removes all oil and latex deck coatings, mold, mildew and stains from wood surfaces. May be used full strength or can be diluted for. The 7 in. wire stripper with cutter can strip 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, and 10 AWG wire as well as shear and gauge screws. The serrated jaw is ideal for. Stripper definition: One that strips, as one that strips photographic negatives or positives. The Herb Stripper with 9 holes by Luxiv is an indispensable tool for any at-home chef, particularly for those who frequently work with leafy greens like kale. Definition of stripper noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and.

Stripper. An individual; male or female, with the athletic prowess of a jungle cat and the tits (or balls) enough to take off their clothes and dance around. Description / Details. Eraser's Model CS Wire Stripper will remove most insulation types from solid and stranded wire. This single blade rotary wire stripper. [count]: a performer who removes his or her clothing in a sexually exciting way: a dancer who does a striptease. She worked as a stripper for a few years. IDEAL invented the T®-Stripper Wire Stripper in Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Features built-in looping holes and knife-type. High performance, 5 minute stripper. Removes sealers and floor finish buildup and finishes hardened by frequent burnishing. No unpleasant odor. SC Johnson Professional® Hyper Concentrate Floor Stripper is a high performance concentrate for fast, efficient removal of most water-based polymer floor. someone whose job is removing all their clothing to entertain other people: We organized a male stripper for her 50th birthday party. With Klein Tools' Wire Stripper / Crimper / Cutter Multi Tool, you can strip, cut, twist, shear and crimp with one tool. Features four dedicated crimpers. 63 videosLast updated on Nov 2, Play all · Shuffle · DAY IN THE LIFE OF A STRIPPER. Cristina Villegas. stripper meaning, definition, what is stripper: someone whose job is to take off their c: Learn more. BLUE BEAR® Soy Gel™ Paint & Urethane Stripper works on nearly all types of coatings. The gel formula clings to vertical surfaces, encapsulates coatings and.

ZEP Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper is Step 1 of the 4-Step Professional Floor Maintenance System. The formula can be used as a floor wax remover. The meaning of STRIPPER is someone or something that strips. How to use stripper in a sentence. A stripper is a person who earns money by taking off their clothes slowly and in a sexy way to music. a male stripper. Stripper: Directed by Jerome Gary. With Janette Boyd, Sara Costa, Kimberly Holcomb, Loree Menton. The background: A strippers' convention and a major. THREE-IN-ONE MILLER CLAMP. Fiber Optic Stripper can be used for accurate and clean stripping on solid core wires and multi-strand wires. What is another word for stripper? · A tool used to strip or peel · Someone who removes their clothing in a provocative manner, typically as entertainment · A. ✓ Fast Acting and Non-Toxic: Klean Strip Premium Stripper contain fast-acting liquid that takes only 15 minutes to dissolve decades of built-up finishes, and. Product Details. L.O.E. Stripper is a low-odor finish and wax remover, formulated for use in confined areas where strong floor finish remover odor presents a. 3M™ All Purpose Floor Finish Stripper is a highly concentrated stripper that is effective on a variety of flooring types, floor finishes, paints.

IDEAL invented the T®-Stripper Wire Stripper in Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Features built-in looping holes and knife-type. A stripper is a performer of striptease, a type of exotic or erotic dance. Stripper may also refer to: Stripper (chemistry), reactor used for removing gas. The same award-winning formula as the original Stripper, only to go. Inside each travel-friendly packet is a convenient finger mitt for fast, easy. KBS Strip - Paint Stripper & Paint Remover - Tank Stripper. KBS Strip is an Aircraft Strength paint remover sprays as a semi gel coat for fast and easy. stripper · bump-and-grinder · burlesque queen · ecdysiast · exotic dancer · lap dancer · peeler · striptease artist · striptease dancer · stripteaser.

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